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Upholstery Fabrics

Caravan / Motorhome and Boat Fabrics

We have a huge range of fabrics perfect for sprucing up their caravan, motorhome or boats. All fabrics are fire retardant and hard wearing. Many are machine washable too – Perfect for removable covers and curtains.

Vivaldi Collection

The Vivaldi Collection is superb, soft handling with a very contemporary feel.This Collection is ideal for pets and children. The use of it is for soft furnishings, caravan, motorhome, boats, curtains and blinds.




Vespa Collection

The Vespa collection is Chunky, heavily textured plain chenille in 34 colours. A fabric suitable for host of upholstery and soft furnishing uses.








Salerno Collection

The Salerno Collection is super soft,  silky smooth faux suede in 24 shades. Perfect for any upholstery uses from chairs to cushions, headboards and stools and many more.





Rimini Collection

The Rimini Collection is chunky textured chenille in semi plain with a hint of retro styling. It is very hard wearing.





Ancona Collection

The Ancona Collection is a faux leather with plenty of colours to choose from.



Monza Collection

The Monza Collction is a soft faux leather and can be used in all upholstery.




Perugia Collection

The Perugia Collection is soft, vibrant faux silk velvet with plenty of colours to choose from.